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You'll Dive Into  Offensiveless Defense From Drina's groundbreaking book, "End Suicide And Homicide- AND The Harm In Between".     Unearth The Transformative Techniques Of : Learning "Spankings" versus Damaging Spankings; Equipping Yourself with Only 2 Rules for Living Well, plus one Method of Offensiveless Defense against being Bullied, that shows you how to Play Your Part In Saving Lives, of those you know, perhaps including Your Own.

Book Reviews

Simple and Powerful

Dr. Fried has "nailed it" with her simple yet powerful approach to instilling a positive self image in oneself and young people. Her message is timely and appropriate. It is not surprising that many young people are struggling with mental health and low self esteem problems in today's society. Social isolation due to the societal influx of technology coupled with a global pandemic (COVID), has negatively impacted all facets of our society- but especially young people. This book provides consistent guidance, practical strategies and a simple but powerful message at its core. I am encouraged to implement the strategies within my classroom and help my students develop a culture of positive self image and awareness of others.

Kathleen M. McErlean, Teacher

Effective strategies of how to interrupt suicide and homicide

With suicide and homicide numbers rising continuously, no one is truly protected from a possible harm. The importance of gaining valuable information on how to handle disastrous life situations is vital and that’s why it places this book on the TOP of ‘a must to read’ books’ list. The author represents multiple realistic life situations of a conflict, stress, disappointment, trauma, bullying and how to overcome them. Personally I am going to adopt author’s ‘offensiveless defense’ strategy and use quite a few witty responses once a conflict or bullying will occur....I would crown author’s advice ‘to promise yourself to never hurt yourself or others emotionally or physically’ when the going gets tough and instead learn how to overcome life’s difficulties and problems. Absolutely recommend to read this book for the sake of your mental health, your well-being and the quality of your life as well as of those around you.

Monika Garmus- Author

 Important thoughts on a difficult subject

"End Suicide & Homicide-AND the Harm in Between" is a comprehensive and insightful book that provides a valuable resource for anyone interested in understanding and preventing suicide and homicide. Dr. Fried's expertise and experience shine through in this writing, and her compassion for those affected by violence is evident throughout the book. Highly recommended.

Al Jensen- Talent Developer for Speaking