Dr. Drina, Creator of the Offensiveless Defense TM Plus Two Rules Method for Preventing Suicide and Homicide To Keep Your Loved Ones Alive!
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"End Suicide and homicide- aND The harm in between"

More than 49,000 people commit suicide yearly as of 2022 in the United States alone. More than deaths yearly from vehicle accidents. Dr. Drina Fried's groundbreaking book based on her program Offensiveless Defense Plus Two Rules: Trains us on how to help students, children, acquaintances, and others from harmfully acting out or harming themselves.  

Learn how to recognize the tell-tale signs of suicide and homicide ideation, and how to respond so you can save a life.  More than that, the book provides useful expert information on how we can parent and reparent ourselves and others to break the harm in between that often leads to depression and violent choices. 


  • To be able to diffuse harmful situations and lift others up with hope.
  • Resolve internal and external conflicts and cope with overwhelming feelings.
  • How to talk with yourself and others you care about and that leads away from violence and self-harm.
  • Examples of what to say to transform your life for the better and the lives of others you care about.
  • Ways to clear out past and present negative emotions of fear, anger, grief, tension, physical pain, and boredom, which is also a method to recover rational effective thinking.

 And So Much More...


Kevin Harrington

" End Suicide and Homicide and the Harm In Between' will empower you to lead a more fulfilling life. Get ready to change some people's lives with this book!" 
- Kevin Harrington
The Original Shark From ABC's Shark Tank

James Malinchak

This is an extremely important topic! Drina has handled it respectfully, and with an excellent plan for parents and teachers to use. 
- James Malinchak
Featured On ABC's Hit TV Show "The Secret Millionaire", And Founder BigMoneySpeaker.Com

John Formica
This powerful book is the secret weapon and blueprint that every person can use for themselves or to help others. Drina Fried has put together a system of unique lessons and success strategies to tackle these difficult but life-changing struggles. Her book is incredibly noteworthy, valuable and inspiring. 'End Suicide and Homicide' is truly magical! Well done!
- John Formica
The 'Ex-Disney Guy', America's Customer Experience Speaker And Coach At Johnformica.Com

Andrew Hangarter

" The value of learning Offensiveless Defense to save lives, is equal to learning CPR to save lives. You will prepare and be empowered to stop suicide and homicide.

- Andrew Hangarter
Tony Robbins Crew, Hampton Beach Club

About Dr. Drina

Dr. Drina Fried is a renowned educational psychologist widely recognized as a leader in the field of well-being and is the #1 authority on ending suicide and homicide, and the harm in between. She is a sought-after Speaker, Consultant, and Best Selling Author and is the creator of Offensiveless Defense™ method. 

She has taken center stage on various platforms from podcasts, radio to television, empowering teachers, parents, and guardians with strategies to interrupt potential harm that might escalate to suicide or homicide. 
Her signature talk: “Offensiveless Defense™ Plus Two Rules,” has captivated listeners sparking transformative conversations. Audiences like and trust Dr. Drina Fried. With her extensive knowledge and experience, she uses storytelling and examples to show her easy-to-follow 3 methods that will go a long way to prevent grief, fear, and anger from ever occurring.
Dr. Drina addresses groups including teachers, students, parents, and guardians of all kinds such as grandparents, police officers, physicians scouts, and sports coaches. who are charged with creating safe environments. She provides them with her unique blueprint for instilling confidence and empowerment in dealing with stressful situations.