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Here you will find Valuable Gifts To help You With Essential Knowledge of the underlying factors that contribute to suicide and homicide known as: " The Harm In Between." These tools guide you in taking your first steps toward mastering pain-free discipline, non-violent defense, and emotional recovery. Don't hesitate! Embark on A more effective approach today to contribute to the prevention of suicide and homicide.

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Parent | Guardian | Caregiver | Teacher | Family Member | Friend | Worker | Human Resources | School Administrators | Police Officer | Security Officer | School Councelor

More than 38,000 people commit suicide yearly in the United States alone; more than deaths yearly from vehicle accidents. Dr. Fried's groundbreaking program Offensiveless Defense ™ Plus Two Rules; trains you to help students, children, acquaintances, and others from harmfully acting out or harming themselves.

With over 32 years of experience as a school psychologist, marriage family counselor, coach, and consultant, Dr. Fried has witnessed the fallout of harmful tragedies. Dr. Fried's compassion for those affected by violence is evident throughout her free and paid programs.

Happiness is something everyone wants, and many people spend a lifetime trying to clear away the pain. Dr. Drina reveals how to do it.

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